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9 Natural Beauty Tips

9 Natural Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Try

by healthguru
The beauty and cosmetics industry would have you believe that there aren’t any natural beauty products available. How do we know this? Because the entire beauty and cosmetics industry is a $300-billion-a-year mega-empire. This is because of advertising. Through advertising the cosmetics industry entices women around the world into purchasing products that do more harm to their skin than good. Yes, they might make you more aesthetically appealing right now, but the chemical contents of beauty products may not be so healthy for our skin in the long term. This amounts to a brainwashing campaign that suggests women need to […]
coconut oil

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

by healthguru
Perhaps you’ve already made the transition to using coconut oil in your culinary choices, but were you aware that you can also substitute this amazing elixir for some of the beauty products you’re currently using? This single, all-in-one solution can be used as a skin moisturizer and makeup remover, just to name a few. Listed below you will find no less than 10 ways to begin using coconut oil as part of your beauty regimen. Hair Conditioner: When stored at room temperature, coconut oil retains a smooth solid consistency. Coconut oil begins to liquefy when subjected to temperatures above 76°F. […]