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The Harmful Effects of Steroid Use


If you are a bona-fide gym rat who frequents the nearest facility at least once a day, then there’s a better than average chance you have encountered someone who is using steroids, or who is seriously considering adding them to their workout regimen. They may have even offered them to you, or asked ..

9 Nutrition TIps

9 Nutrition Tips for Active Women


For the most part, women and multitasking go hand in hand. Historically, women have been the ones tending to the household chores, raising the kids, grocery shopping, and working a full-time job to help make ends meet. It is for these reasons that women must take care of their diet in order to maintain ..


Testosterone: The Fountain of Youth for Men


Testosterone is a hormone produced by males that is referred to as an androgen, which means it is very similar to anabolic steroids. Testosterone is manufactured in the testes, as well as in the adrenal gland; production levels are controlled by the hypothalamus, with assistance from the pituitary gland. ..


9 Performance Foods that Improve Weight Loss


If you have the desire to improve overall physical fitness, while simultaneously losing weight, then one of the first areas of investigation should be your current diet plan. If you are not attaining the performance levels you set as goals, or are having difficulty keeping the weight off even though ..

Tough Guy

Is Being a “Tough Guy” Bad for Your Health?


Recent studies suggest that men who adhere to a “tough guy” mentality are far less inclined to visit a doctor when they do not feel well; when they do go, they tend to lie regarding symptoms and associated pain thresholds. Rutgers University researchers conducted two separate studies on men who develop ..

Weight Loss Tips Women

Weight Loss Tips That Work For Women


There are several women who struggle to stay on the diets they’ve been trying. They have the desire and ambition to lose weight and keep it off, they’ve just been following the wrong program, or listening to the wrong people. In some cases, they may even be their own worst enemy when it comes to […]

Male Weight Loss

The 24-Hour Male Weight Loss Routine


Are you tired of trying every new diet under the sun? Have you been struggling with developing a thinner waistline and flatter stomach? While you may have tried weight loss regimens in the past that do not produce the results desired, this 24-hour routine should get you on track and keep you there, while ..

Gardening Happiness

Gardening for Health & Happiness


Millions of Americans suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression every day. For the most part, they seek help through prescription medications such as Prozac, but recent studies have discovered that microbes found in healthy gardening soil provide an effect very similar to Prozac, without all the nasty ..