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9 Nutrition TIps

9 Nutrition Tips for Active Women


For the most part, women and multitasking go hand in hand. Historically, women have been the ones tending to the household chores, raising the kids, grocery shopping, and working a full-time job to help make ends meet. It is for these reasons that women must take care of their diet in order to maintain ..


9 Performance Foods that Improve Weight Loss


If you have the desire to improve overall physical fitness, while simultaneously losing weight, then one of the first areas of investigation should be your current diet plan. If you are not attaining the performance levels you set as goals, or are having difficulty keeping the weight off even though ..

Weight Loss Tips Women

Weight Loss Tips That Work For Women


There are several women who struggle to stay on the diets they’ve been trying. They have the desire and ambition to lose weight and keep it off, they’ve just been following the wrong program, or listening to the wrong people. In some cases, they may even be their own worst enemy when it comes to […]

Over 40

The Over 40 Workout Regimen


Are you over 40 and still physically active? Do you get into the gym on a regular basis for care and maintenance of that sculpted physique? Are you looking for a workout regimen that will allow you to train as hard as you did when you were 20? If you answered “yes,” to any of […]


Strength Training Keeps You Young


Who knew that strength training held the key to enjoying a longer life? A recent study furnished by the Penn State College of Medicine suggests that participating in strength training, reduces the risk of premature death, as you age. Research for this study focused on elderly people over the age of 65. Surveys ..