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10 Early Warning Signs of Prostate Cancer


Cancer is a six-letter word very few people are fond of mentioning. It is often incurable and is a leading cause of death in several countries around the world. Cancer has the ability to adversely affect every major organ in the human body. Prostate cancer, aside from skin cancer, is the leading type ..


The Harmful Effects of Steroid Use


If you are a bona-fide gym rat who frequents the nearest facility at least once a day, then there’s a better than average chance you have encountered someone who is using steroids, or who is seriously considering adding them to their workout regimen. They may have even offered them to you, or asked ..


Testosterone: The Fountain of Youth for Men


Testosterone is a hormone produced by males that is referred to as an androgen, which means it is very similar to anabolic steroids. Testosterone is manufactured in the testes, as well as in the adrenal gland; production levels are controlled by the hypothalamus, with assistance from the pituitary gland. ..

Tough Guy

Is Being a “Tough Guy” Bad for Your Health?


Recent studies suggest that men who adhere to a “tough guy” mentality are far less inclined to visit a doctor when they do not feel well; when they do go, they tend to lie regarding symptoms and associated pain thresholds. Rutgers University researchers conducted two separate studies on men who develop ..

Gardening Happiness

Gardening for Health & Happiness


Millions of Americans suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression every day. For the most part, they seek help through prescription medications such as Prozac, but recent studies have discovered that microbes found in healthy gardening soil provide an effect very similar to Prozac, without all the nasty ..

Fish Oil

The Weight Loss Benefits of Fish Oil


We have known for quite some time that fish is rich in vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids, and that fish is therefore considered healthier than red meat. The science behind our food suggests that eating fish keeps our heart and brain healthy and functioning properly. New studies now suggest that the consumption ..

Chicken Skin

Chicken Skin Gets Green Light


Every day we are inundated with advice from health-wise professionals on what we should be eating, what food groups should be in our diet plans, which exercises will benefit us the most, how bad somethings are for us, etc. For several years, doctors and “good food” gurus have advised the rest of the world ..